Breaking Up With The Single Life

I wish I could follow this advice – I try so hard too but it feels like I won’t be truly happy till I meet “the one” – just keep trying hey??

women-tears-black-and-white-photography-sad-woman-b6bea3eec80fde5b0772a6435f4b8193-hToday feels like a good day to write. I’ve never claimed to be a dating expert, my words stem from experience (the good and the bad) and it is experience which has made me sit down and type today. I’ve always been quite an emotional person, I feel everything. Today I feel like I’ve hurt people, not because I’ve done something bad but because I am the way I am – complicated, too much in my own head, non-committal.

I’ve spoken previously about the pressures people put upon themselves to find love, to find the one, to settle down. It consumes us. I myself was a quiet kid up until the age of 18 and had never really even had a proper girlfriend, fasttrack ten years and I’ve wracked up 7 or 8 relationships and spent a grand total of 5 months being single in the space of ten years…

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